This series is a continuation of my interest in themes of permeability and transformation—in how the desires for structure and freedom manifest in individuals and in society, and how those desires are informed by perpetual forces, seen and unseen. This series began with Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the tragic and sometimes comical 1st century Roman text. Perusing the book, in which transformation is a key theme, I discovered the tale of Vulcan’s net, in which Ares and Venus, god and goddess of war and love, are ensnared in a tryst by Vulcan’s finely forged bronze net. I claimed the net as a narrative element and a formal abstraction. The net serves as a symbol for the physical, emotional, and intellectual permeability of the body; the visual articulation of desire, in all its sweetness, violence, and entanglement; the tension between the drives for structure and for freedom; and the imperative for transformation.

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